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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Nursery Diaries: Part 1

My original intention of creating this blog was to be able to document the process of putting the baby's nursery together. I searched and searched but cannot find the photo of what this room looked like when we bought the house. I have a sinking feeling that it is on Bryan's computer which decided to die over the summer. I will just have to start with the image I took after the room was primed and the carpet was removed.  But let me try to describe to you what the room looked like before. We named it the "murder" room ( I know, terrible!) because it was painted a dark crimson. The previous owners painted right over a border that lined the wall touching the ceiling, right over the chair rail, and did so with drips and rough spots on the walls. Not to mention getting the lovely paint color on the ceiling and on the already stained carpet below. So when it came time to prime the room, we had to do some serious sanding first. The result was a bright and more angel-like space:

Mind you, this is just primer on the walls. The ceiling has not been touched and I have paint samples up on the wall in this photo. Luckily, the sub floor was in tip top shape. 

After living with the samples for a week (which I painted in more areas in the room) to observe them at different times of day, we picked out one that we felt went best with the bedding (to come in another post).  Actually, the people at home depot who made our samples forgot to give us back the sample chip that has the name of the color, so we had to do some guessing work and went with what we thought was the sample chip. We went with Cool Cream by Behr. We took this to Lowes to have our paint made because we like the Valspar line. We got their Ultra series which is Zero VOC and low odor. It is a paint plus primer, but these walls were so thirsty, the added primer helped by using only two coats of paint. We only did one coat of primer previously because the walls sucked it up, even though the room is only around 10' x 10'. 

You see, this paint color can look warm with a peachy glow in certain types of sunlight or it can look cool with a blue tone depending on the light. 

We had left over white paint that we used in the hall bathroom for the trim and door, so we just used that for the baby's room trim, doors and ceiling. And volia! You can even see a glimpse of the wood floors Bryan is installing as I post! 

While Bryan is doing all this hard work, baby and I are rewarding ourselves with Coconut Sorbet!

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